Latest News: SYKES has been awarded a Silver Medal in sustainability from EcoVadis!

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Supporting Sustainable Impact, One Caring Interaction at a Time

The values and initiatives that have brought SYKES to the forefront of customer service shape our journey to create and support an equitable and sustainable future for our environment, society, communities, and stakeholders.

When we organize programs by our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) pillars — impact, care, and prosper — we recognize more than 40 initiatives that are helping SYKES employees and communities around the world. Each SYKES region has implemented programs that actively support the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals. SYKES Gives Back:


SYKES strives to leave a positive and lasting impact within every community in which we operate. Through initiatives that focus on economy, education, infrastructure, and professional development in areas such as language and technology, SYKES is able to help elevate developing regions and communities in manners that will persist for years to come. 


SYKES is passionate about ensuring an inclusive and caring workplace environment for all people. Our mission to support our Culture of Belonging is supported by SYKES programs on topics such as diversity, equity, and inclusion; physical and mental health; leadership development; human rights campaigns; and giving back to our people and communities.


Thriving and prospering as an organization while simultaneously promoting environmental and economic development is central to SYKES’ values. By implementing sustainable procurement policies, promoting our many environmental initiatives, and enforcing our data privacy and security programs, SYKES works to ensure prosperity on multiple levels.
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“The whole idea of impact sourcing is doing good work, with good people and for a good cause.”

More than 40 years ago, SYKES was founded on an uncomplicated ethos: Shape experiences and build opportunities through the simple act of helping people. Create jobs and opportunities that improve lives. Do this out of an abundance of respect for all people, and best serve our employees, customers, and communities, one caring interaction at a time.

That ideology is still used today as a strategic filter that shapes where we go. It has allowed us to become a leading full-lifecycle provider of global customer experience management services, multichannel demand generation, and digital transformation, operating in 22 countries with more than 61,100 employees worldwide.

– Chuck Sykes, CEO, Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated


The SYKES ESG Council regularly reports to the Nominating and Governance Committee and is chaired by SYKES CEO and President Chuck Sykes. Council membership includes leaders from key departments of every global region in which we operate: Operations, Security, IT, Global Procurement, HR, Marketing, and Communication.

The ESG Council sets the strategic ESG agenda, informed by formal stakeholder engagement meetings, and develops specific programs to connect internal and external stakeholders with the company’s mission and purpose in ways that benefit our employees.

Each council member is responsible for understanding how environmental, social, and climate-related issues affect their departments and SYKES holistically. Council members ensure that SYKES’ ESG and climate-related efforts address company-relevant risks and opportunities.

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Sustainability Council

The council is composed of subcommittees that focus on three specific action areas of sustainability:

Global Sustainability Programs

Each subcommittee plans, implements and oversees programs that serve specific goals for their action area.

Global Social Participation

SYKES employees around the world actively engage in these intiatives individually, by team, by site and by region.

Our Shareholders
Our Shareholders
Our People
Our People
Our Communities
Our Communities
Our Clients
Our Clients
Our Vendors
Our Vendors
The partnerships and relationships that SYKES engages in share and support our sustainability goals

SYKES’ 5-Year Sustainability Plan

Social Goals
  • Add KPIs and descriptions to those roles that impact the social sub-pillar throughout the organization
  • Expand social programs to all regions
    • Mentoring program
    • SYKES Women in Technology
  • Further development in the SYKES Diversity & Inclusion Global Program
  • Continue to embrace Human Rights declaration
Environment Goals
  • Add KPIs and descriptions to those roles that impact the environmental sub-pillar throughout the organization
  • Global paper reduction by 50% in 5 years by implementing a Global Printer Policy
  • Reduce scope 1, 2 and 3 greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 in alignment with science-based targets of the 2 degrees scenario (2DS)
  • Reduce waste at our sites: 50% by 2025
Economic Goals
  • Add KPIs and descriptions to those roles that impact the economic sub-pillar throughout the organization
  • Increase diversity spend by 20%
  • Expand Virtual Impact Hubs into other regions
  • Expand economic programs to all regions
    • SYKES Academy
    • SYKES Tech Academy
Development & implementation of Global Reporting Standards & Platform
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SYKES makes an active effort to impact the communities in which we work in developing regions and countries. To support these goals, we have created language learning programs, scholarship opportunities, and an innovative approach to impact sourcing. Together, these initiatives make a difference for our employees, their families, and our communities.

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From employee wellness programs to our diversity, inclusion, and equity initiatives, SYKES is committed to caring for our employees and fostering an environment where all employees have the opportunity to thrive. Globally, SYKES supports more than 25 programs that are focused on employee support and growth.

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At SYKES, we know that prosperity is powered by an ongoing commitment to sustainable growth. Our energy conservation, reforestation, and data privacy programs, among many others, were each created to develop economic opportunity and promote environmental progress.

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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion at SYKES

Diversity, equity, and inclusion at SYKES is about coming together, united in our goals, to celebrate our collective and unique strengths and capabilities. We understand that our commonalities are greater than our differences, but it is those differences that will strengthen and expand the capabilities of our business. We will act boldly in our efforts to break down barriers, become allies for one another, and promote the personal and professional growth of all our people — through inclusion and equity.

We all belong. One world. One SYKES.

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