Supporting the New Healthcare Landscape

Deliver informed and compassionate member/patient support experiences while staying competitive in a changing environment.

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Healthcare Plans
Healthcare Delivery
Health & Wellness Management

Healthcare Plans

  • Eligibility and plan benefits
  • Claims inquiries
  • Self-service and website support
  • Plan sales
  • Claims processing
  • Adjudication

Healthcare Delivery

  • Prescription drug assistance
  • Mail-order Rx support
  • Scheduling
  • Billing plans
  • Help desk


  • Product features and use
  • Clinical advice/guidance
  • Returns and repairs
  • Warranty information
  • Product recalls
  • Accounts receivables management

Health & Wellness Management

  • Lifestyle and wellness coaching
  • Healthcare system navigation
  • Chronic disease management
  • Palliative care
  • Telehealth

Our Prescription for Support Success

Balancing Compliance, Cost, & Compassion

Our agents focus on delivering compassionate member/patient experiences, while our digital infrastructure maintains data security and maximizes efficiency.

Meeting Seasonal Demands 

Easily handle the open enrollment and welcome season surges with our globally distributed workforce optimized for speed, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.

Serving Companies Across the Healthcare Industry

We help payers, administrators, pharmacy benefits managers, and healthtech and life science companies support members, patients, and providers across channels. 

Coordinated Service Excellence

From hiring, onboarding, and training new agents to managing the workforce at a macro and individual agent level, we orchestrate each person, process, policy, and platform to ensure your success.


Customizable Staffing  Options

Onshore, nearshore, offshore, and remote staffing solutions provide you with agents hired, trained, and coached to offer the extra level of care needed in healthcare services.


Compliance-Focused Outsourcers

The importance of protecting medical data and adhering to healthcare regulations is paramount for SYKES centers and SYKESHome™ virtual agents.

Our globally recognized security framework actively identifies threats and works with our clients to protect company and customer information.

Unmatched Operational Excellence

Our brand partners appreciate our operational rigor and commitment to delivering on time and on budget while always looking for ways to improve.

Seven core areas underpin how we create and deliver value:

Talent Acquisition

Strategic hiring from more than 300,000 agent applications a year ensures the best fit for our clients.

Talent Development

Ongoing education and active career pathing reduce attrition and increase our agents' skills.

Interaction Management

We specialize in member / patient satisfaction, establishing trust and building brand loyalty across multiple channels.

Performance Management

An engaging work environment that prioritizes collaboration and accountability ensures clarity of goals and the support needed to exceed them.

Workload Forecasting & Management

We manage talent from across the globe with operational efficiencies in place to ensure agent availability and high occupancy rates. 

Risk Management

We prioritize client security by preventing fraud activity, upholding contractual compliance, and adhering to rules and regulations.

Continuous Improvement

We proactively look for ways to improve our products, services, and processes, with a focus on increasing efficiencies and maximizing effectiveness.

Flexible Staffing at Any Scale

Prepping for Seasonal Peak

When open enrollment or welcome season approaches, our global network of on-site and virtual agents is ready to onboard teams of any size without disrupting service.

Carousel Model

By moving teams between accounts with alternating busy seasons, we retain top agents and slash onboarding time. Access thousands of licensed and unlicensed agents who become experts in your specific processes and policies.


SYKESHome is a secure, HIPAA-compliant and PCI-certified platform that enables us to optimize and manage a global remote workforce.

More Human Because of Technology

SYKES and SYKES Digital Services use the latest automation, AI, and analytics to increase efficiencies and allow agents to focus on delivering the best support outcomes for members/patients.

Intelligent Automation

Relieve agents from repetitive tasks and let them focus on the caring, high-touch interactions required in healthcare services support with intelligent automation.

Insight Analytics

Improve the support experience by understanding and refining processes and interactions, reducing inefficiencies, and identifying opportunities to maximize ROI.

Workforce Augmentation

The SYKES OneTEAM™ platform accelerates agent speed to competency, increases training efficacy, and reduces workloads and error rates, ensuring the highest-quality service.

Success Story From a SYKES Healthcare Brand Partner

“Consistency and reliability are a strength. (SYKES’) leadership team, call center technology, and overall management strategy is excellent.”

– Leading Healthcare Insurance Provider

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