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Trusted by Industry-Leading Brands

8 of the top 10 U.S. technology providers
80 technology brands with 800 distinct lines of business
12,000 technology specialists working around the world in 20+ languages
Average client tenure of 12 years
Technical support provided in 15 countries

Top-Tier Support for Any Tier

Our technology services encompass four tiers of technical support, customer care, sales, and marketing.

Technical Support Customer Care Customer Journey Support
Technical Support
Customer Care
Customer Journey Support

Technical Support

  • Tier 1: Basic troubleshooting and help desk
  • Tier 2: Complex escalations and case management
  • Tier 3: Large-scale enterprise issues
  • Tier 4: Product testing, lab services, and solution design

Customer Care

  • Tier 1: Customer inquiries and onboarding
  • Tier 2: Escalations

Customer Journey Support

  • Sales and channel partner support
  • Data-driven marketing solutions
  • Self-help and knowledge base curation
  • Social listening and content moderation
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation

Setting You Up for Success


Flexible Support Anytime, Anywhere

Whether it’s enterprise-level support for networking or customer care for product inquiries, we’ve got you covered with a full suite of channels and availability 24/7.


Customizable Services & Strategies

We help technology brands with proactive technical support, digital engagement strategies, and advisory services while innovating to drive efficiencies and reduce operating costs.


Our Talent Is Technically the Best

We recruit, train, and certify our people to have both the technical expertise and soft skills to effectively provide support when it’s needed.


Business to Business (B2B) Technology

We drive B2B engagement from pre-sales to advanced technical support, focusing on digital transformation and process optimization. Our global teams of customer care and help desk specialists, network operation center (NOC) engineers, solutions architects, and project managers help achieve customer success at every step.

B2B Technology ServicesArrow

  • Data-driven marketing molutions
  • Sales and channel partner support
  • Back-office operations
  • Customer support
    • Self-help & knowledge base curation
    • Social listening and content moderation
    • Technical support
    • Case management
    • Network monitoring
    • Incident management
    • Implementation support
    • Engineering support
    • Reporting
    • Troubleshooting
    • AI and automation

Areas of Expertise

Networking        Cloud Computing       Data Center       IT Service Management       Processors       Semiconductors       Enterprise Computing       Cybersecurity       SaaS


Business to Consumer (B2C) Technology

Boost revenue and customer retention with agents who handle everything from troubleshooting wiring issues to facilitating a seamless shopping experience with expert insights and deep product knowledge.

We add value for you by creating revenue from support activities and contract renewals while improving efficiency and optimizing processes to protect your bottom line.

B2C Technology ServicesArrow

  • Sales support
  • Marketing and customer acquisition
  • Customer support
    • Self-service
    • Tech support
    • Product support
    • Activation and support
    • Live troubleshooting
    • Product logistics
    • Inventory tracking

Areas of Expertise

Software        Smart Devices        IoT & Connected Devices        Wearables        Smart Home
Consumer Appliances        Electronics        Personal Computers        Vehicle Technology        Gaming

Plugged Into the Future: SYKES Tech Academy

Access thousands of technical engineer candidates and leaders through our Tech Academy. Their essential skills and certifications ensure you’re covered for networking, computing, operating systems, storage, and security, as well as customer care and easing frustration.

People-First Mindset: SYKES Women in Technology

As an ongoing commitment to gender equality in the workplace, SYKES Women in Technology (SWIT) promotes and facilitates the inclusion of women in technical accounts where female participation has been traditionally low.

Our Digital Solutions

Insight Analytics

We use rich analytics for voice, text, and attended automation to help design and drive positive customer experiences throughout the service journey. Get insights on present customer behavior to understand past actions and influence future behavior.

Digital Learning

Our proprietary OneTEAM™ platform identifies opportunities to drive ROI through learnings and trainings that address gaps in agents’ skills. Precision learning, microlearning modules, and knowledge bots conveniently deliver learning experiences right to the agent’s desktop.

Digital Self-Service

Reduce support costs while improving customer experience with self-service content that resolves issues in 85% of cases. Ensure content is easy to find and use — designed mobile-first and with the best SEO strategies.

Digital Operations

Reimagine and deliver the future of work in your business. Leverage AI and robotic process automation (RPA) capabilities in processes and technology to streamline operations and improve efficiencies and cost savings.

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