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Many brands are challenged with fully leveraging the data in their processes to generate valuable, actionable insights and solve complex problems.

With a heritage built on interacting with customers, SYKES helps brands understand and overcome these obstacles. Our analytics services can help your organization leverage data across the customer journey to deliver extraordinary customer experiences.

Customer Journey Analytics

Our customer journey analytics go beyond improving processes with data. We help brands leverage insights across the entire customer journey, from marketing to sales to customer service, scaling with the challenge at hand.

Evidence-Based Analytics to Optimize Customer Service

Identify Root Causes

With billions of call minutes under our belt, we can help ensure your organization is investing in the right process improvements.

Dive Deep for a Comprehensive View

Our proprietary analytics software and methodology enable our teams to do a deep dive into all aspects of customer-agent interactions, bringing an awareness of your processes from start to finish.

Quantify Your Business Case

Executive buy-in is challenging without a solid business case backed by hard evidence. Our insights help you understand and prioritize your investments, discovering where and how to improve core metrics.

Marketing & Sales Analytics Expertise

Millions of Unique Profiles & Billions of Data Points

Our system includes more than 250 million indicators for consumer lifestyles, demographics, interests, and behaviors, ensuring your marketing and sales strategies are relevant to your customers.

Scalability & Stability With Advanced Information Architecture

SYKES’ information architecture brings the best of cutting-edge cloud services, from standalone serverless APIs built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda functions to high-performing graph databases.

SYKES Analytics Services for Marketing & Sales

Customer Profiling Services

Analyze how your customer base differs from the broader national audience and how to cater to their specific experiences.

Data Science Diagnostic Services

Pinpoint exactly what content is driving calls and adapt an experimental design plan to further enhance a customer-centric experience.

Site, Content, & Search Audits

Our suite of audit services allows brands to maximize the effectiveness of their digital efforts and receive recommendations from world-class digital marketing professionals.

SYKES Analytics for Customer Service

Future of Customer Experience Assessment (FOCE)

Future of Customer Experience Assessment (FOCE)

Unveil hidden and often unnoticed obstacles, bottlenecks, and enhancement opportunities in your customer interactions through a granular, data-driven analysis of the underlying data.
  • Uncover on-call sales opportunities, helping your brand understand the best channel with which to provide support to customers.
  • Identify attended automation opportunities in the customer support process.
  • Drive value in identifying areas to improve core metrics such
    as NPS, CSAT/ESAT, AHT, and FCR.
  • Get guidance on areas that might affect future success and recommendations for realignment.
Attended Automation Analytics

Attended Automation Analytics

Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the tools and activities agents use during customer interactions, so they can get away from mundane tasks and back to helping people.
  • Conduct Insight Analytics projects to understand customer experience of calls and chats.
  • Analyze recorded screens from the agent’s perspective.
  • Track all agent- and system-generated tasks and events.
  • Identify and quantify robotic process automation (RPA) and robotic desktop automation (RDA) opportunities on calls and chats and during after-call work.
  • Pinpoint potential automation opportunities, including document retrieval and repetitive task elimination.

Voice & Text Support Service Journey Analysis

Identify all points of effort that the customer encounters before and after engaging with support, tying together customer interaction insights with the values of their downstream impact.

Voice Analytics

Voice Analytics

  • Actively listen to calls from the customer’s perspective and analyze all other relevant data points.
  • Build out the customer’s actual service journey.
  • Identify customer experience themes that link advocate behaviors to call outcomes.
  • Recommend changes to CSAT, NPS, AHT, cost, and more.
  • Implement changes, monitor progress, and evaluate results.
Text Analytics

Text Analytics

  • Collect and analyze structured data to maximum effect.
  • Organize large amounts of data into meaningful groups with clustering.
  • Identify and manage categories of data through classification analysis.
  • Use predictive analytics to forecast future behaviors.
  • Use semantic annotation for organizing metadata about relevant concepts.

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