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You need a flexible and reliable service delivery model that enables high-quality interactions that are secure and scalable, while also meeting the expectations of the way your employees want to work.

As the BPO industry pioneer for work-at-home capabilities, we enable millions of interactions every day. Everything you need for work-at-home success in your virtual, cloud-based contact center is here.



Borderless Talent Acquisition

  • Remote recruiting, hiring, and training for access to a larger talent pool
  • Digital recruiting system to process 350,000+ applicants per year from a geographically unrestricted talent pool
  • Learner-led model for training that encourages collaborative engagement

Operational & Management Expertise

  • Proven methodologies for sustained improvement in virtual working environments
  • Balanced application of people, processes, and technology to drive better business outcomes

Central Hub: OneTEAM™

  • Proprietary cloud-based workforce management platform OneTEAM to boost the performance of teams
  • Easily integrates with client systems
  • Designed to improve performance and increase the effectiveness, consistency, and delivery of customer care services

Security & Technology

  • Comprehensive security framework that incorporates technology and analytics
  • PCI compliant
  • Real-time monitoring, multifactor authentication and biometrics, access controls and automation tools to protect customers’ personal information, desktop lockdown, clean desk policy, and encrypted data communication

SYKESHome: A True Business Advantage Built on 20+ Years of Work-at-Home Best Practices

A Remote Delivery Model to Fit Your Needs

Choose from a work-at-home or hybrid model that takes advantage of a combination of remote work and physical contact centers.

Seasonal Highs & Lows

No need to carry redundant resources. Scale quickly to planned business needs.

Intra-Day/Week Peaks

Match peaks through custom shift patterns, 24/7/365, efficiently and without waste. These are accommodated easily through home-based teams.

Fast Ramp & Scale

When faced with a surge in call volume, interactions are handled efficiently and effectively. Scaling complex programs quickly is easier with SYKESHome.

Multilingual Support

Our expanded recruitment and global footprint enable us to offer multilingual support across all communication channels.

Affinity Programs

We tailor affinity programs to customer profiles, special interests, brand fans, cultural similarity, and proximity to local markets with precision recruitment.

Future-Proof Your CX

Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
The impact of unforeseen events is limited to individual contributors, not entire teams or buildings.

Business Resilience
When facing an unanticipated event, a pure work-at-home or hybrid delivery model provides flexibility with shifting resources as needed.

Premier Virtual Recruitment Process



Our online process is highly targeted for the correct profiles and required skills and unrestricted by a commute.



All computer equipment is provided by SYKES. Employees can work from the comfort, familiarity, and ease of their homes with a quality internet connection and router.


Training & Nesting

SYKES and brand partner training is customized for the virtual world and uses a combination of collaborative and learner-led techniques to quickly achieve competence.



Coaching and development programs carefully nurture talent. Our dedication to our team is reflected in very low attrition — less than 4% leave in the first 90 days.


A Tactical Work-at-Home Strategy

As the industry leader in developing and implementing a work-at-home delivery model, we understand the complexity around the setup and deployment of a successful remote work strategy.

Is Your Work-at-Home Strategy Tactical or Triage?

Identify whether your business and its home-based workforce is employing a reactive solution or a permanent strategy.

Tactical Home-Based Model

  • Security-focused: Robust security strategy that includes PCI and HIPAA compliance
  • Designated workstations that are properly secured
  • Strategic, role-based hiring
  • Experienced WAH leadership
  • Real-time collaboration tools
  • Virtual support desk
  • Virtual training program

Triage Remote Solution

  • Focus is on getting the work done
  • Employees work on approved laptops
  • Leverage accessible headcount
  • Leadership may not have a WAH experience
  • Employees know the job, adjusting to the job in WAH environment
  • Virtual support may not be in place
  • Training may be limited

Our Brand Partners Love SYKESHome

We are very impressed with the virtual model and the type of agents they are able to recruit for our line of business. Having worked with other third-party companies, SYKESHome is at the top of the hill when it comes to offering innovative solutions. The folks I deal with are very proactive and look to situations that will save us money while enhancing the bottom line. At our recent business review, SYKES leadership offered a number of options to reduce call volume and save budget dollars; this isn't something my other vendors have done in the past.

- Large Multiservice Provider

You all did a great job pulling this through. Comparing your agility and technical readiness to all other vendors from all over the world, I have no reservations to say you did best. Great job.

- Contact Center Manager

You just proved yourselves superheroes! Despite the tough situation in the last few days, you did the impossible to support every single customer of ours in need. Thanks to your efforts, we managed to keep all lines open and provide exceptional service.

- Operations & Digital Support Manager

On behalf of the leadership team, we would like to extend our appreciation for the amazing work you are doing. Thank you for your commitment and self-motivation.

- Brand Partner Regional Client Support Team

You showed great dedication and effort to get the teams up and running at short notice — it’s nothing short of miraculous! In addition to that, you kept us informed along the way. It really made me proud and grateful to be working so closely with all of you. Thank you!

- Country Manager

A lot of effort has been put in by the local management team to get a contingency solution up and running. I well appreciate that behind our account leadership, SYKES also has a client-minded IT community that dares getting out of the trenches and works directly with the client. This is exceptional yet very right and a true example to others.

- Head of Customer Touchpoints and Business Intelligence

Work-At-Home Results Delivered

97% customer satisfaction (CSAT) and 97% agent satisfaction for a brick-and-mortar retailer transitioning to an evolving ecommerce environment.

52 seconds shaved from average handle time (AHT) for a U.S.-based healthcare payer.

2,000 agents recruited, hired, and trained in less than 90 days for a global retail brand ramping for the holiday season.

56 Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) achievement, 6% lower AHT, and 80% call resolution rate for a financial management brand partner during peak tax season.

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