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Live chat and messaging and the use of chatbots are booming in adoption. Customers like using them because they can multitask — browse a company’s website, continue shopping, check email — all while connected with an agent who is resolving their issues.

We look for agents who are best suited for chat and messaging support in a fast-paced environment. What sets our chat and messaging services apart is the use of cobots that work in the background to provide automated assistance to agents, optimizing the entire experience.

An Enterprise Chat Platform & Framework

SYKES’ platform and framework for chat and messaging is built from the ground up to provide a valuable experience for your customers. Through automated tools such as chatbots and chat cobots, SYKES chat and messaging can save time and money.

Chat & Messaging

Integrate & Scale Your Support

Integrate chat and messaging with interactive voice response (IVR), existing web platforms, and other automated tools that customers can access across devices. Our services are scalable across team size, global coverage, and multilingual capabilities.

Chat & Messaging

Reduce Costs & Boost Efficiency

Reduce staffing costs and improve efficiency with chat and messaging since agents can handle multiple chats and messages simultaneously.

Chat & Messaging

Accelerate Sales

Chatbots and other automated systems can assist with sales by proactively contacting customers shopping on your website. Chat transcripts provide data that agents can use to cross-sell and upsell relevant products and services.

Chat & Messaging

Improve Customer Loyalty

Customers want answers to their questions fast, and they’re more likely to develop brand loyalty if they can get what they need through reliable chat and messaging.

67% of companies offer online live chat and 64% offer messaging.*

92% of customers feel satisfied when they use live chat.**

42% of consumers prefer live chat because they don’t have to wait on hold.**

*Salesforce State of Service Report         **

Chat & Messaging

Agile Chat & Messaging

Chat and messaging services with SYKES offer global multilingual support and insight analytics to optimize online sales, customer care, and technical support interactions. We work with our brand partners to ensure a successful chat and messaging strategy that considers all processes and touchpoints in the customer journey.

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