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Close the Loop Between the Online Sales Funnel & the Offline Contact Center

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Expand your customer base and accelerate revenue generation through inbound and assisted sales, direct sales, digital sales acquisition, and cross-sell and upsell promotional opportunities. SYKES offers B2B and B2C sales programs strengthened by our sales-focused culture and best-in-class sales process.

The SYKES Sales Process

Our sales process provides the analytics, training, and coaching that our sales specialists use to maximize every touchpoint.

Monitor & Measure
Adjust & Enhance

Flexible Pricing Models

Traditional Pricing
Performance-Based Sales Center
Hybrid Pricing

Sales Support

Fueling real growth requires sales specialists who can deliver an effortless experience at the point of sale. We use results-focused and performance-based solutions that uplift your existing sales program or optimize a new one designed to boost revenue and drive lower costs.

Inbound Telesales

Sales Enablement

Direct Sales

Upsell & Cross-Sell

Retention/Save & Loyalty

Lead Quality Scoring

Online Purchasing (eCommerce)

Chat & Messaging Sales

Chatbot Customer Support

Automated Voice-Guided Ordering System

Personalized Service, Backed by Big Data

Conversion-Boosting Technology

Comprehensive consumer profile databases feed our sales management software and move information effortlessly between online and offline conversations.

Sales Management Software

We integrate our technology directly with your systems to marry our proprietary sales enablement software with your existing order processes.

Profile-Matching Technology

Using integrated data systems and comprehensive customer profiles, we evaluate calls and connect them to the best agent for their situation, resulting in higher conversion and satisfaction rates.

Connecting Online to Offline

Our technology pulls information from a customer’s online activity and uses it to inform our agents, for an experience that is as personal as it is efficient.

Omnichannel Delivery to Drive Sales


Our inbound sales specialists use customer context to provide relevant answers and advice before purchase.

Chat & Messaging

To increase sales and service outcomes, SYKES uses cobots to assist agents behind the scenes, learning from real-time interactions to improve customer engagements.


Our highly skilled content teams can create sales copy for your website that drives conversions, from product descriptions and specifications to customized images.

A Sales Mindset Powered by Our People

Paired with cutting-edge technology, our highly trained sales teams provide best-in-class service, resulting in happier and more loyal customers.

Focused Sales Agents

Hit growth targets with sales specialists who are laser-focused on selling your services. We hand-select our team members and give them maximum incentive to provide outstanding customer experiences.

Redefining Culture

Our sales floor is high energy and fun and encourages healthy competition and camaraderie among our agents.

A Perfect Partnership

Our sales teams routinely outperform industry averages by wide margins, our systems feature easy integration, and we pride ourselves on open and clear communication.

Conversion Rate Optimization

With our integrated data systems, we test, optimize, and deploy strategically superior sales solutions, providing outstanding customer conversion, online and offline.

From Account Management to Sales, SYKES’ collaboration and insights have helped us maintain aggressive growth each year, leading to record results. We would highly recommend SYKES to other brands seeking aggressive and consistent growth opportunities.

- Large Retail Brand Partner

Sales Results From the Forefront of Intelligent CX

60% boost in sales using advanced customer profiling for a smart home services provider.

49% uptick in sales opportunities and 46% increase in installations using a connected approach to digital marketing and sales for a leading energy company.

48% lift in voice sales conversion for a major insurance provider.

1,800% ROI through incremental sales for a financial services organization.

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