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Customers seek always-on support channels, which makes social media a natural fit for enhancing customer experience. As this dynamic channel only continues to grow, it’s the perfect time to be proactive and consistent in social media communications with your customers.

Through SYKES, effectively engage with your customers across the entire customer journey for marketing, sales, and support.

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Be Where Your Current & Potential Customers Are

With more people online than ever, it’s important for brands to use social media channels to raise brand awareness, provide support to resolve issues quickly, improve customer satisfaction, and develop brand advocacy.

Social Media

Generate Leads & Growth

By enhancing the customer journey through social media interactions, customers are more likely to buy products and recommend brands to others.

Social Media

Listen & Engage More

Customers who post questions about products and services on social media expect a response. Keep them happy by listening and engaging quickly.

Social Media

Create Effortless Customer Experiences

Whether voicing an opinion, shopping, or seeking technical support to solve an issue, customers crave fast, convenient service on social media.

Social Media

Cultivate Advocates

Active, helpful, and meaningful interactions on social media turn customers into advocates with the power to influence their networks with recommendations.

Customers who encounter positive social customer care with a brand are nearly 3x more likely to recommend the brand.

Companies with a social care program see a 7.5% year-over-year increase in customer retention.

74% of customers have spent more due to good customer service on social media.

Social Media

SYKES: Your Trusted Partner for Social Media

SYKES has more than a decade of proven experience with hundreds of programs that include social media support for brand engagement and customer service. We are a strategic partner offering solutions that speak to the full social experience across all stages of the customer journey.

Meet the unique needs of your brand and customers with customized support on social media. Our expertise spans all verticals, including specialized industries such as healthcare and financial services, with support capabilities in 40+ languages.

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