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Technical Support

Customers want to know that you care, not only by the quality of your products but also by how you support them after they buy. As your business grows, ensure that your customers are getting the technical support needed to solve issues.

Our technical support team receives in-depth training and learns about your products from inside out. We source talent with the right combination of specialized knowledge and soft skills to ensure each interaction is customized to the right skill level of the customer.

40+ Years of Firsthand Experience

We have built our reputation on the fast, secure, cost-effective technical support that helps customers get the best value from products.

  • When you want to grow and expand your business, our global footprint enables flexible and scalable support your customers need, anytime, anywhere.
  • Optimized operational performance ensures the right people are delivering consistent service that is a true extension of your brand.
  • Transformational technology and analytics elevate your contact center operations and give you actionable insights throughout the technical support journey.
Technical Support

Business to Business (B2B)

We support enterprise network technology customers with four levels of skill (tiers 1–4) ranging from non-certified and network-trained to certified for CCNA (associate), CCNP (professional), and CCIE (expert).

  • Networking and computing technology support
  • Network monitoring, data reporting, and performance health checks
  • Global data center support
  • Troubleshooting triage and follow-up
Technical Support

Business to Consumer (B2C)

Your customers want help to resolve their tech support issues quickly and in clear, non-technical language. Our support experts have the knowledge and soft skills needed to strengthen customer relationships.

  • Inbound and outbound calls and emails
  • Self-service options for convenience
  • Password changes and updates
  • Troubleshooting assistance

The Right Channels for Your Customers


A phone conversation can ease frustration for customers who are having technical difficulties. Agents can assess tone of voice and level of technical understanding and adjust as needed.

Chat & Messaging

Take customer interaction on your website to a whole new level by delivering customer-convenient service and support at just the right time with chat and messaging capabilities.


For busy customers who may not have time to call on the phone or begin a chat for help, email makes it easy to connect when it is convenient for them.


Put the power of resolving issues anytime in the hands of your customers by ensuring an effortless self-service experience with content that’s easy to find and easy to use.


Increase customer satisfaction by offering social media as a channel for your customers to get help with product queries and troubleshooting.

Make Your Technical Support a Competitive Advantage

Our goal is to build world-class technical support for your brand that sets you apart. We can customize training modules for your specific needs, including:

Technical Support
Placement for long-term, on-site positions
Technical Support
Placing a network operations center (NOC) offshore to support your networking needs
Technical Support
Creating a specialty service desk to support specific accounts or product lines

SYKES Tech Academy™ — Growing the Technology Leaders of Tomorrow

A partnership with SYKES gives you access to thousands of technical engineer candidates and leaders developed by our own commercially recognized Tech Academy.

We produce engineers with the most in-demand skills and experience specializing in networking, cloud computing, computer security, and programming. Essential certifications are provided, including basic CompTIA A+, CCNA, LPI, ITIL, CCIE, Python, SQL, VMware, AWS, and others.

Technical Support

Technology Tools That Enhance Agent Experience

Our technical support team lives and breathes complex technical issues while also being great with people. They know the technical nuances of networking, computing, operating systems, storage, and security, as well as how to best ease customer frustration.

We use a combination of customized live and AI-augmented training to enhance the agent experience for the most efficient, effortless customer experience.

A Rich Legacy of Experience & Innovation


OneTEAM is a cloud-based delivery service and workforce management platform designed to increase the effectiveness, consistency, and delivery of customer care services.

Precision Learning & Coaching

Deliver targeted and continuous learning to an agent’s desktop when they need it. It’s designed to improve agent speed and knowledge retention.


Agents who need additional support and training to improve performance can easily access short training modules (just 3 to 5 minutes) during down time.

Knowledge Bot (kbot)

The SYKES kbot automatically detects gaps in knowledge and training and quickly finds answers to an agent’s questions so they can effectively help customers.

Technical Support Solutions Customized for Your Business

We provide technical assistance to end users and channel partners and support back-office operations such as reporting in addition to a team of web developers.

Full Customer Lifecycle Support for Pre-Sales, Sales, & Post-Sales

  • Sales support for technology products and services (product line, launch, or promotion)
  • Fast, secure, cost-effective support for customers who want to get the best value
  • Leading-edge tools to maximize quality and customer satisfaction while minimizing costs

Self-Service & User-Retrieved InformationTier 0

  • Self-help, FAQs, and custom tutorials to answer customers’ questions
  • Simple, user-friendly content relevant to customers’ specific issues
  • Interactive tutorials, one-click-fix details, and remote-diagnostic help

Service DeskTier 1

  • Skilled IT support for handling general questions and usage issues
  • Reduced customer effort and handle times
  • Improved customer retention and lifetime value

In-Depth Technical SupportTier 2

  • Advanced technical troubleshooting and analyses to solve issues
  • Tech support experts who have a deep level of knowledge of a product or service
  • Some types of support: hardware replacement, software repair, and diagnostic testing

Specialized Technical SupportTier 3

  • Skilled specialists who resolve complex issues with products, networks, and programs
  • Identification of root causes using product designs and code
  • In-depth analysis of problems and development of actions that will solve the issues

Third-Party Vendor & Partner ExpertiseTier 4

  • Contracted tech support that works to solve issues not handled by the organization
  • Issues are forwarded by an organization to tier 4 support, then monitored for resolution
Technical Support

You’re in Good Company!

Our brand partners trust us with the most important part of their businesses — their customers. Let us help you turn customers into brand advocates by providing the right tech support through an extraordinary experience.

The innovation and automation you brought into our concierge service is amazing! This award is due to the great work and leadership you all bring every day! Thank you for the partnership and commitment that makes us all successful.

- Global Technology Brand Partner
Technical Support

Expertise That Delivers Results

30% improvement in operational efficiencies for a Fortune 500 technology brand partner by transitioning to a SYKES Tech Academy and shared workspace model.

Talent Acquisition & Development

Performance Improvement

Workload Forecasting & Management

Risk Management

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