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Connecting with customers through the voice (phone) channel is a tried-and-true way to provide one-on-one contact that reassures you are ready and available to help. With the application of technology, automation, and personalized training, our agents become proficient faster.

Highly skilled agents are an integral part of our mission to create caring phone interactions for customer care, collections, marketing, sales, technical support, and much more.

Efficient, Meaningful Connections Every Time

Through our operational performance methodology and focus on continuous improvement, we create thoughtful and meaningful connections with customers that drive better performance outcomes in voice interactions.


Create Personalized, One-on-One Interactions

When speaking with customers on the phone, our customer care agents assess tone of voice, emotions, and language. We match agents with the right customer profiles to help create excellent and personalized support.


Improve Customer Satisfaction

Many customers prefer a real conversation on the phone, with an agent helping to solve their problems. With SYKES, technology and automation tools assist agents so they can focus on helping your customers as quickly and effectively as possible, which improves overall customer satisfaction.


Balance Service Queues Across Popular Channels

Integrate voice with other popular channels such as chat and messaging, self-service, and social media to balance service queues and help customers move seamlessly across channels.


Deliver Efficient & Effective Service

Your customers have likely tried to solve their issue before they pick up the phone to call customer service. Our specialized teams skillfully use problem-solving, empathy, and situational awareness to ensure customers get the very best experience.

66% of customers typically choose to resolve issues with a company via the voice channel*

51% of customers expect a response on the phone in less than five minutes*

+25% increase in companies offering or planning to offer the voice channel in the next 12 months*

*Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report


The SYKES Difference

Using the right blend of human and automated interactions, we deliver excellent customer experiences. To ensure effective interactions, agents can access knowledge resources with SYKES’ knowledge bot to help answer customers’ questions. For ongoing improvement, personalized microtraining modules are delivered directly to agents via the SYKES OneTEAM™ platform.

SYKES’ voice interactions are different by design — enriched through technology tools, emotional intelligence, creativity, knowledge, and skills — to solve problems quickly and accurately for your customers.

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